Posted by: Dee | July 22, 2016

Inspect that vehicle

You know you should inspect your vehicle before, during, and after a trip, and to conduct annual inspections. Not only is this required by law, it’s important for your safety and the safety of those with whom you share the road.

Note that today, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration amended some previously-published guidance regarding the periodic inspection of commercial motor
vehicles (CMVs). Elsewhere in today’s issue of the Federal Register,
FMCSA amends the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs) to,
among other things, eliminate the option for a motor carrier to satisfy
the periodic (annual) inspection requirement through a violation-free
roadside inspection. As a result of this amendment to the FMCSRs,
certain regulatory guidance is amended to ensure consistency between
the FMCSRs and the published guidance. For more information about this visit the FMCSA Web site and refer to Docket No. FMCSA-2015-0176

Wear Bars Signifying Major Tread Groove

Wear Bars Signifying Major Tread Groove

And while we’re on the subject of vehicle inspection, the FMCSA has amended the FMCSR with regard to what is a “major tread groove” in a tire. You’ll find a definition and an illustration.

In addition, several other changes were made. The final rule:

  • revises the rear license plate lamp requirement
  • eliminates the requirement for an operable rear license plate lamp on vehicles when there is no rear license plate present
  • amends the regulations regarding tires to prohibit the operation of a vehicle with speed-restricted tires at speeds that exceed the rated limit of the tire
  • provides specific requirements regarding when violations or defects noted on an inspection report must be corrected
  • amends two appendixes to the FMCSRs to include provisions for the inspection of antilock braking systems (ABS) and automatic brake adjusters, speed-restricted tires, and motorcoach passenger seat mounting anchorages

For details about these changes, visit the FMCSA Web site and refer to Docket 
No. FMCSA-2015-0176.

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